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[IP] Insulin Pumpers Digest Benefits

Mr. Hoese,
I have been a diabetic since I was 4 years old, and am now 35.  I have just
started using a Minimed insulin pump on 6/2/99, and I have so many
questions, that sometimes its overwhelming.  The place I get ALL my answers
is the IP digest.
I found the digest while surfing the web looking for support on the pump.
It has been the best (and I dare say the only) support I have received,
short of calling MM every time I have a new question or problem.
Michael, the over-seer of the digest, has done the best job on the support
of the pumps.  He has a daughter, Lily, who is on a pump also, and thus can
offer a hands on experience.
Its not like I can walk down the street and ask anyone I meet how to correct
for a high, or what to do if my infusion site gets infected, or how to deal
with major bubbles in my tubing (I call it hose) , or my list can go on
forever.  My point is, this is the best support group there is, no matter
what.  Everyone there has BTDT(been there, done that), so that is the best
place for advice.  If it hasn't happened here, it hasn't happened anywhere!
I have given support to the list, but my mere donation is not ample enough
to keep this great list rolling, so it is with great pride that I ask you to
consider a donation to the IP list.  All of us pumpers and non-pumpers
hoping to be soon pumpers, would appreciate it so much.
To say the least, with the increased freedom and quality in lifestyle I have
experienced since starting the pump,  this site has given me the opportunity
to be properly educated with time tested methods which truly only come from
experienced users of the pump.
Thank you for your time and effort.
Lori Willey
dx-ed 4/68, pmpg 6/2/99
Lori A. Willey
First Express Inc., FSP
email @ redacted
ICQ# 41956947

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