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Subject:  Donation
Dear Mr. Hoese,

   I understand you are the Manager of Marketing Communications for MiniMed.

    In your note you ask " Can you tell me more about what the benefit to
MiniMed would be for making a contribution to Insulin Pumpers."
     The obvious benefit that MiniMed is already receiving from the Insulin
Pumpers list without any monetary contribution is Free advertising for your
insulin pump and the supplies that are needed to use the pump with.  

      A donation from a corporation such as MiniMed should be because you
believe so much in your product that MiniMed would want the Insulin Pumpers
list to continue.
So far the list as approximately 1700 + people with new people joining each
day to either learn about the pump or share about the fact they were
approved for the pump.or to discuss the pump.

Any donation should be from a philanthropist heart because Michael who
started the list and has expanded it to include a US list and a UK list and
a website that anyone on a pump can go to anytime of anyday to gather
information or help with whatever they need has spent  $20,000.00 of his
own money last year so others can share whether they are coming from trying
to decide to go from MDI to the pump..new pump users who are a bit unsure
about everything and parents of children whose child or in some cases
children are on the pump. 

Do you know how good it feels in my heart to see a parent come on and say
thier child can now lead a normal life with the pump? Would not you feel
the same way if you had a child who has suffered with high BGS, having to
watch every mouthful of food and still have a high A1C and have to give
that child MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) and then one day a blue MiniMed
507C or 508 is approved and child is on the pump and from now on the child
can sleep late if they want and they can have treats and play in sports and
basically live a normal life? And the relief of the parents for once again
they can sleep through the night?

And for us who are older. We now can have better control over our BGs so we
do not have to suffer the consequences of continously high BGs?  Before I
knew of the pump I lost a grandfather to diabetes, an aunt who had her feet
and legs amputated and then died because the infection spread and before
that she became blind. Now it is affecting my mother in loss of vision in
one eye and her other eye is now going blind and open heart surgery because
vessels and arteries became like corkscrews. She is not doing real good.
And then there is me..a third generation diabetic in my family. But I am
the blessed one because I now have the pump. A MinMed 507C. It helps me
keep my BGs under control when I have to take prednisone for my rheumatoid
arthritis and other connective tissue diseases I have. My MiniMed pump has
saved my life. I know I am not the only person on this list who feels this

So these are just a few of the reasons why MiniMed should donate to this
list so we have a place to come to anytime..any day..any hour to ask our
questions, to share what works for us, to ask what to do when there is
blood in the cannula, etc etc etc And we don't have to be placed on hold
and wait. Replies come with the help we need in a matter of seconds to
minutes. We are not alone!  We Need this list. And as a result of our
sharing MiniMed gets Free advertising...free discussion about Your product.

But, if you are still not convinced let me challenge you to join the list
for a couple of weeks to see what goes on. To see the excitement when
someone shares that thier pump is on the way..or when someone shares that
thier A1C has come back NORMAL for the first time in years. Read about a
child's life becoming "normal" for the first time in years. Or read the
excitement about your new product the MinMed 508!  Then you will feel from
the bottom of your heart that the only thing you can do is to give a
donation to Insulin Pumpers so this list can keep on so you can continue to
reap the benefits of really knowing, first hand,  people are living because
of the insulin pump. What better benefits can you have?
You may also wish to check out the insulin pumpers web site too..Quite a
storehouse of information!  Your benefit comes from within and what you
will witness. And as a corporate representative I don't see why you would
not wish to donate. The benefits you will reap will be something you will
never forget.  Giving comes from the heart not from what is reaped.
There is a saying that goes "what you sow you shall reap"  Place a seed
gift and watch :)
You won't be disappointed. Neither will your corporation.
Ginny Kloth
Pumping MinMed 507C
Diabetic for 34 yrs -Pumping for 5 yrs
email @ redacted

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