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> I too am having similar problems.  Can't seem to find a pattern and I am 
> starting to be disgusted.  I am half tempted to ask for a Velosulin/Humalog 
> mix but I'm not sure how to do it or in what ratio the insulins should be in. 
>  Furthermore, I don't know if my doc knows about these mixes.  I would find 
> it hard to believe but I don't know.

There is nothing magic about the H/V mix. The ratios people use have been 
arrived at by experimenting. It is not real objective, but the 
differences from one mix to another are not large.

5 parts H + 1 part V is almost like straight H, with a slightly longer 
"tail". My daughter has used it for a couple of years now and she says it 
gives her a little "smoother" ride and definetly allows her to keep a set 
in for 4 days, where 2 was pretty much the limit before. A number of 
users of 3/1 mix have reported that it helps when there are gastro 
complications -- slows down absorbtion somewhat, but still allows the 
meal bolus to be given at mealtime. YMMV, tune to suit your metabolism.

Take a look at the ABOUT page of the web site for a breakdown of what 
percentage of mixers use which mix. The mix itself does not seem to be real 
critical, just eyeball it, put the smaller quantity in first and de-bubble, 
then draw in the larger quantity.

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