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Re: [IP] Answer to Jeanie on hand surgery

Yes you have it!  You have perfectly described a "trigger finger".  According 
to my surgeon (the head of plastic surgery at Washington University @ Barnes 
Hospital in St. Louis), trigger fingers are due to repetition and is more 
prevalent to the diabetic population.  She also says that although the 
workmen's comp section of the insurance industry will not admit that this is 
related to typing, etc., she believes it is.  

When diagnosed with a trigger finger they could go with a cortisone shot but 
the doctor I take my kids to told me that I should just opt for the surgery.  
He has had diabetes for umpteen thousand years like I (32 yrs) and he said 
the cortisone works for about 3 months and for 2 months blood sugars are 
extremely erratic.  So I went for the surgery.  Out patient, stitches came 
out in 10 days to 2 weeks then physical therapy for scar management.  Now my 
scars since she used a jagged cut, are not noticeable unless I tell someone.  
They are faint, soft, and blend in with normal palm creases, etc.

Let me know if you wish to know more.
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