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[IP] 508 remote, longish

Well, I jokingly posted earlier about garage doors and such interfering
with the remotes on the MM 508s, but based on the number of follow ups I
have seen, just I thought I would post some clarifications in case
anyone was taking the other posts seriously. If you are just having fun
with the jokes, then please feel free to skip the rest of this.

Shane is an electronics tech and I am a computer scientist/engineer, so
hopefully the following is (more or less) correct, but please keep in
mind that we don't work for MM and can't speak for them:
-First, the stats posted earlier indicate that the MM 508 remote uses rf
(radio frequency). Generally other remotes such as tv, vcr, stereo, etc
use infrared technology, which is in a different part of the
electromagnetic (em) spectrum, so they should not interfere with the
pump remote. Now, garage door openers do use the rf portion of the
spectrum, as do AM radios and some other devices, however there is a
specific part of the rf frequencies which are reserved for use by
medical devices. Basically the place where you probably need to worry
most about picking up interference would be in a hospital.
-The way in which different parts of the em spectrum are used is
controlled by the FCC here in the US. Worldwide a group called WARC
performs this. In other words, MM has probably had to do some checking
already to find out what frequencies they can use, and to make sure that
no one else will use them.
-Now, as far as the remotes interfering with each other... There have
been some posts already refering to various schemes for having each
pump/remote pair be unique, there are several other possible ways to
achieve this. But, as we know from some remote car locks and garage door
openers, not all companies will do this for their products because it
does increase the cost. I would hope that MM has done something about
this, but I really have no idea.
Any questions, let me know. Hope we techies have not bored you all to
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