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[IP] Inexperienced and Scared

I have been on the insulin pump since March 1999 and I am far from being
an expert.  I'm scheduled for surgery in 10 days and my concern is
dealing with the fact that the surgery is being performed at a VA
hospital where there are no doctors or staff that are familiar with the
insulin pump.  My regular insurance denied coverage even after my appeal,
so my only recourse is to go to the nearest VA, which is out of town.  

I have read some recent posts regarding hospitalization and it has
increased my uneasiness about all of this.   How should my wife or I
handle the staff regarding their ignorance of this device?  I gave my VA
doctor instructions that I remain on the pump but I don't know if they
will honor my request.  Is this really something I should worry about? 
Are there certain things I should watch out for?  The doctor told me that
they give diabetics glucose prior to surgery to keep them high so they
won't bottom out.  Is this normal??  Am I making a mountain out of a

I want to be prepared so any advice would be great!

Harold Lyssy

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