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Re: [IP] low low low!

> did I expect too much
> from the pump?  Maybe since we test so often (8 or so a day)
> compared to 2x a day on MDI, I'm just seeing numbers I never saw on
> MDI.  I guess I thought things would be more stable by now, but I'm
> wondering if this is just the way its gonna be - I think I have his
> basals and boluses figured out, it works for a few days, and then
> everything changes.  Is it puberty, or just the nature of the beast?

Both puberty AND the nature of the beast. Don't try to keep his 
number too tight, it will drive you nuts. Just try to get stability. 
He can bolus down if he's a little high. Getting a handle on basal 
rates takes a while and they will never (in my experience) be rock 
solid in a child, particularly one active in sports. Growth spurts 
and uneven sleep schedules will also be a pain, but the pump will 
make it loads easier.  Hang in there, knowledge is power. The more 
you learn about his bg's and their idiosyncacies, the easier it will 

Michael -- who's been their and doing that!!
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