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[IP] low low low

Hang in there Sunny!  I know exactly how you feel.  My son Eric (13) has been 
pumping since mid-August and we still haven't gotten his sugars regulated.  
Like you, I've wondered if I expected too much from the pump.  And my son is 
getting rebellious and discouraged that he doesn't see any improvement over 
pre-pump days.  He's also tired of being woken up at night for tests (and I 
know I'm exhausted).

I'm wondering if the irregularities we see may be because we never got his 
basal rates right.  So, using the system described in Pumping Insulin, I'm 
going to verify those and see if they are correct.  I'm hoping that's our 
problem and life will get easier with a few adjustments.  If that doesn't 
work, I plan to take all of his records to a local pediatric endo who I've 
heard is very good and puts most of her patients on pumps. Maybe she can see 
something I can't.

Hang in there!  I think the pump is worth the effort to figure things out and 
we (and our kids) will be happiest with it in the long run.

This group also helps.  It's nice to know you're not alone.

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