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Re: [IP] Re: Test strips

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>Subject: [IP] Re: Test strips
>Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 18:09:40 EDT
>Barbara, have you tried calling a phamaceutical rep for any of the strips? 
>I run a support group in Mesa, Arizona. At each meeting we have a 
>pharmaceutical rep sponsor our meeting. They always bring a meter and 
>strips for us to give away. Before my insurance covered my strips I was 
>getting free meters and strips all the time because of my connections with 
>the reps. Get to know these reps, join lots of support groups, its more 
>opportunity for free strips. What insurance do you have? Mine is Blue 
>Cross/Blue Shield. They cover strips now. I get 200 per month for a $5 
>copay. It's great. So I stock up each month whether I need to or not. I 
>will try to get the names and numbers of some the reps I know and post them 
>on this site. My pump and all supplies are covered. Are you familiar with 
>"generic" strips? Then can cost $5 - $10 less than brand names and work 
>just as well. Johnson & Johnson (One Touch), Medisense (Precision QID) and 
>Bayer (glucometer) are some that come to mind that you might contact. Hope 
>this helps.--Wendy in Arizona  Hi everyone,
>      I was wondering where everyone gets their chemstrips when they have 
>pay for them themselves.  My insurance doesn't cover these at all and we're
>using at least 8 a day since my daughter has been on the pump.  Is mail 
>cheaper?  I've never tried that.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>Thanks, Barbara
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