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Re: [IP] low low low!

if it makes you feel any better,  we are experiencing the same ups and downs
with geneva, age 10.

it has to be puberty.  requiring more insulin while growing.  that, peppered
with the occasional site degradation when her BGs shoot up for no reason.
then go down once we do a site change!

I am having to change her basals almost weekly.  not by more than 0.1 unit
per hour, but still...have to do something.

it is tedious and I am still exhausted at 3 pm because of sleep deprivation.
I have started doing only one nighttime check at 2-3 instead of every two to
three hours.  seems like we are doing somewhat ok with the early morning

geneva is frustrated too.  she keeps asking me when I won't have to check
her at night...and when everything will be 'normal'.  I just keep telling
her that when she gets through puberty things should start to straighten
out.  that is a long time away!

I wish we had started pumping now, since the new 508 has all of those
different capabilities to set basals for different times.  I know we would
have one for each season,  one for weekends and one for school/summer.

keep your head up and try to take it one day at a time.  that's about all we
can do.



> but I wonder - did I expect too
> much from the pump?  Maybe since we test so often (8 or so a day) compared
> 2x a day on MDI, I'm just seeing numbers I never saw on MDI.  I guess I
> thought things would be more stable by now, but I'm wondering if this is
> the way its gonna be

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