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[IP] Re: low, low, low

Hi, I was just reading your post and thought it was interesting . ..I live 
with my mother most of the time and my stepfather, who are both the best 
parents in the world and couldn't be more concerned with my diabetes or more 
interested in the pump.  However, I also stay with my dad a couple times a 
week (and my stepmother) and believe me they couldn't be more disinterested. 
  I know that they see the pump as something that lets them forget I'm 
diabetic.  I 'm glad they realize that I can be normal (again) but still . . 
.there's a difference between appreciating the normality because of the 
hardship you used to put up with versus appreciating it simply because it 
lets you be less consciencious.  Sometimes it's really frustrating to have 
two sets of parents who are world apart on the diabetes continuum.  --Gianna

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