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[IP] Protein, Fat, and Bolus

It's a simple question- should I bolus for extra fat and protein andit has a complicated answer if you want to get into the nutritional explanation- but I won't.
Suffice it to say that fat does not convert to glucose except for a tiny, tiny bit (3 parts out of 57 parts of the fat molecule- about 5%) BUT it does seem to slow down digestion if you have a heavy fat meal.  Hence the square wave bolus may be necessary. YMMV.   Protein, does break down into glucose BUT ONLY when there's an excess amount already in the body.  For example, say your body needs about 6 oz of protein (from any source) and you pig out on pizza- lots of pepperoni, cheese and those little fishy things or you hit the Out Back and have the 1 lb. steak- well, 50% of the EXTRA protein will be converted to energy(glucose).  Let's say the 1 lb. steak is all you had for protein one day- that's 16 protein servings- 6 of which you need (60z) the rest is extra (10oz) - 5 oz will convert to glucose.  How many grams of carbo is that?  Beats me.  That's as far as I went in teaching this subject.  So you'll have to experiment.  AND probably square wave as protein's not going to b!
reak down as quickly as glucose.  In fact it will be delayed quite awhile PLUS if you have a high fat meal, the digestion process will be slowed farther.
There'll be a quiz tomorrow :>))

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