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[IP] low low low!

Thanks to all who responded to my question about my son's weird morning 
numbers.  You guys are the greatest.  Following this phenomenon, however, he 
suddenly ran low for two days in a row - except for the weird morning thing - 
I finally got him to wake up for school under 180, but now during the day I 
can't get him above the high 60s, and he's been as low as 40.  Needless to 
say, he feels like s--t.  I'm so discouraged, but I wonder - did I expect too 
much from the pump?  Maybe since we test so often (8 or so a day) compared to 
2x a day on MDI, I'm just seeing numbers I never saw on MDI.  I guess I 
thought things would be more stable by now, but I'm wondering if this is just 
the way its gonna be - I think I have his basals and boluses figured out, it 
works for a few days, and then everything changes.  Is it puberty, or just 
the nature of the beast?  I'm exhausted.  I share custody with my ex-husband, 
so each of us gets a break, but I constantly worry when he's with his father, 
and I know I drive him crazy with my constant check-ins.  Thanks so much for 
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