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[IP] Re:carbs in meat

>Perhaps a list member can give us carbs per oz. of meat????

Meat is 75 percent water (if you think about it, our muscles are basically 
meat and the human body is 75 percent water too)  That means that meat is 25 
percent protein.  One Ounce of meat is approximately 30 grams, meaning that 
each ounce of meat has 7.5 grams of protein.  (4 x 7.5 = 30) Half of the 
protein gets converted to glucose eventually (over 4-5 hours) meaning that 
3.75 g gets converted for each ounce of meat.  I round up to 4 grams cho for 
each ounce of meat.    So . . . . 1 ounce meat = 4 (or 3.75) grams cho.

anyone want to check my math?  If you are very insulin sensitive you 
probably don't need to bolus for protein.  --Gianna

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