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[IP] Remote control bolus on the 508

I doubt it.  The remote control probably does one of two things to ensure
that this doesn't happen -- uses a RF frequency which is unique to each
pump.  Therefore only the pump which matches the remote "hears" that
signal... OR  All pumps use the same frequency, but the remote and pump
which match have their own "password" so if two pumpers are at dinner, one
pumper can program a bolus and the remote control sends out into the air "hi
I am elvis the pump... please give me a 5 unit bolus."  Both pumps can
receive the broadcast but pump #1 says "i'm not elvis, i'm going to ignore
that message." and pump # 2 says "gotcha, 5 units done!"

My guess is that they used option 2, considering that they may have to reuse
frequencies and then there's a chance this crosstalk could happen... if I
were you, I'd be more concerned about changing the channel on your tv, and
your pump starts priming!  I bet Minimed uses the password system, or maybe
a combo of both??  Remember the old commercials where one guy would change
the channel and his neighbor's football game would get turned off?  Scary!
Just guesses...

>Question.  What if you have a friendly support group at a restaurant and 
>everyone has remotes and don't want to pull out their pumps?  Will everyone

>get bolused by one another's remote?  

Miranda Miller
Electro-Optics Engineer
TRW Systems / Nightvision Labs
mailto: email @ redacted

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