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[IP] press release on MiniMed 508 pump

 MiniMed Inc. Introduces Next Generation Insulin
 Infusion Pump for Diabetes; New Model 508 Offers New
 Features for Diabetes Patients

 Business Wire - October 04, 1999 09:19

 SYLMAR, California--(BUSINESS WIRE)--October 4, 1999--MiniMed Inc.
 MNMD) today announced the introduction of its latest model insulin
infusion pump for the
 treatment of diabetes, the Model 508. The Model 508 offers several new
features, including
 remote programming capabilities to administer or suspend insulin
delivery, and the capability to
 program multiple patient-specific delivery patterns. The Model 508 also
includes a low volume
 alert, an optional vibrate mode, and a child block feature to restrict
programming. The Model
 508 received 510(k) clearance by the Federal Food and Drug
Administration in June 1999,
 and will bear the CE mark, enabling the product to be marketed
throughout both the United
 States and the European Union. 

 Commenting on this new product, Alfred E. Mann, Chairman of the Board
and Chief Executive
 Officer, stated, "The introduction of the Model 508 illustrates
MiniMed's continuing
 commitment to its customers by adding important new features.
Especially of interest is the
 remote programming capability of the Model 508 which enables customers
to conveniently and
 discretely program bolus insulin delivery without accessing the pump by
using radio frequency
 telemetry with a small, hand-held programmer. This new model also
includes several new safety
 features, such as a low volume alert which notifies patients when
reservoir levels are low, and a
 child block to provide added assurance to parents with young children
who are using insulin
 pump therapy to treat their disease." 

 Terrance H. Gregg, President and Chief Operating Officer, added, "The
Model 508 has
 additional flexible programming capabilities to accommodate individual
lifestyle patterns, and
 enables customers to program and store up to three different basal
rates of insulin delivery. This
 is particularly important to patients whose insulin needs vary due to
schedule changes or lifestyle
 needs. Like its predecessor, the 507C, the Model 508 will store 90 days
worth of data which
 may be downloaded to a personal computer to help physicians review
their patients' insulin
 requirements for improved management of diabetes. We are also pleased
to introduce our new
 disposable infusion set, the Sof-set Micro QR, for use with all of our
external infusion delivery
 systems, including the Model 508. The Sof-set Micro QR received FDA
clearance on
 September 3, 1999 and is designed to improve patient comfort by
reducing the cannula length
 by one-third." 

 MiniMed Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and markets advanced
infusion systems with a
 primary emphasis on the intensive management of diabetes. The Company's
products include
 external pumps and related disposables, a continuous glucose monitoring
system product and
 the distribution of an implantable insulin pump, which is currently
approved for sale in the
 European Community and has not yet been cleared for marketing in the
U.S. The Company
 also distributes other diabetes supplies and pharmaceutical products. 

 Any statements made by MiniMed in this press release that are
forward-looking, including
 statements relating to the use of the Model 508 and the Sof-set Micro
QR to deliver insulin,
 consumer acceptance of the Model 508 or the Sof-set Mirco QR, the
ability of MiniMed to
 generate revenues from the Model 508 or Sof-set Micro QR products, the
ability of the Sof-set
 Micro QR to improve patient comfort, and the ability of MiniMed to
manufacture the Model
 508 or the Sof-set Micro QR are made pursuant to the Safe Harbor
provisions of the Private
 Securities Reform Act of 1995. Investors are cautioned that
forward-looking statements involve
 risks and uncertainties which may affect MiniMed's business and
prospects, including changes
 in economic and market conditions, acceptance of MiniMed's products by
the health care and
 reimbursement communities, health care legislation, new developments in
diabetes therapy,
 administration and regulatory approval and related considerations, and
other factors discussed
 in the Company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 

      CONTACT:  MiniMed Inc.
                Kevin R. Sayer
                Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
                Eric S. Kentor
                Senior Vice President and General Counsel
                Morgen-Walke Associates
                Investor Relations
                Robert P. Jones/Ephraim R. Bernstein
                (212) 850-5600
                Media: Sheryl Seapy
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