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[IP] Minimed 508 pump info

The new 508 pump is fully described on:

I'll cut in some of the features that are new:

Basal options
The 508 has 3 different basal patterns you can customize, each with up to 48
different rates per day. Maximum flexibility to make the most of your life
whether different weekday and weekend profiles, exercise days or other times
that your blood sugars may be unusually affected.

3 Bolus options
When you have a snack, meal or some other reason to bring blood sugar levels
down, you can choose from the Normal, Square Wave™ or Dual Wave™ bolus. Normal
for immediate needs, Square Wave which spreads a bolus over a longer period of
time, or Dual Wave which combines the Normal and Square. Options for a more
"normal" life, whether just a pizza party or the banquet on your wedding day.

Okay, so it's not invisible, but our new remote programmer makes it seem that
way. The 508's remote allows you to bolus or suspend your pump while it is
still tucked away out of sight.

The 508 now has the option of a vibrate mode. For most functions it can
vibrate instead of beeping so no one can hear, unless you want them to.

The MiniMed 508 delivers insulin the way nature intended - small doses over a
long period of time, then larger doses to compensate for meals or other times
of elevated blood sugars. Safe, simple, sophisticated. It's the way to control
your diabetes - naturally.

MiniMed 508 Remote Programmer
With the 508, your pump is almost invisible!

Only the MiniMed 508 pump has an optional remote programmer! This unique
device will let you program your pump with just a few simple button presses!
No need to take the pump out of its case or out of your clothing - it's that
simple! No need to hear it either with the vibrate mode - so no one knows the
pump is there unless you want them to.
The remote programmer also offers these other MiniMed features:

Audio Bolus
Vibrate Mode
Child Block

Safety Features


Safety Systems and Program Checks: Over 40,000 software checks are performed
each hour.
Low Reservoir Volume Alert: Alert sounds with 20 and 10 units remaining.
Child Block: Restricts programming of all operations except Suspend and Remote
Customized Safety Limits: Maximum Basal and Maximum Bolus
Auto - Off Sentry: Range from 0 to 16 hours.
Alarm & Alert Type: User selectable beep levels, or vibrate mode
Self Test and Alarm Review: User-programmed tests/reviews, self test.



Solenoid Motor: Patented design delivers in precise 0.1 unit increments
Pump Size and Weight: 1.9 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches or 4.8 x 8.6 x 2.0 cm and is 3.5
ounces or less than 100 grams.
Delivery Accuracy: +/- 2%
Water Resistance: Meets IEC 60601-1 sub clause 44.6 and IEC 60529 IPX 7
Power Supply/ Batteries: Standard 1.5V silver oxide batteries. For best
results use MMT-104 or Eveready model 357.
Time Format Display: 12 Hr (AM/PM) or 24 Hr formats
Insulin Concentration: U-100 (default), U-50 or U-40 options.
Prime: 0.1-25.0 units in 0.1 unit increments
Remote Programmer: Uses radio frequency to program pump under clothing

Much better read online.

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