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Re: [IP] kids interpretations (parental fuming)

In a message dated 10/4/99 8:33:15 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< People, in their well meaning ways, are
 often suffering from 'foot in mouth' disease. >>

Nice post Barb.  I am much more aggressive in defense of my children than for 
myself.  Having IDD, I view people differently in this regard. 
For instance, in college I told a girl I had diabetes and she replied "I'm 
glad God didn't punish me in that way."  That really shocked me.  Then at my 
last pump meeting, a woman I had never met told me I looked like I had 
cancer(I did have cancer last year).  Very uplifting comment.  
I have developed a philosophy of life that people are limited by their 
experiences.  They do the best they can with their limitations.  Both of 
these people are stupid to me, but they don't make me angry.  If I got angry 
everytime someone said something stupid about diabetes, I would be one very 
angry person.  I rarely get angry.  I do try to educate those that are open 
to it, but we are all limited in one way or another.  I prefer to keep myself 
upbeat.  Being positive helps in my battle with IDD.  ellen
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