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Re: [IP] Weird Morning #s

> Can anyone give me some insight on this?  I have my son on .9 basal
> from 2am to 6am, when it goes back to .8.  On school days when he
> gets up and tests around 6:30 am, his bgs are generally within the
> high-normal to high range.  His lunch time (11am) numbers are almost
> always 100-120.  However, on weekends when he sleeps until 11am, his
> numbers are low - 53 this morning, usually in the 60-70s.  Why is he
> so low at 11 am on the weekends, but normal on weekdays?  Should I
> be adjusting his basals on weekends to be different from schooldays?

A better solution than adjusting basals, might be to add a basal rate 
that is lower starting at his weekday wake up time. He can bolus a 
little extra to cover the reduced basal amount from 6 'til noon, the 
effect will probably be hidden by his breakfast and on weekends or 
any other time he chooses to sleep late, he won't get low. BTW, this 
is counter to what many others experience where laying around or 
sleeping late drives bg's up because of less activity. There are two 
views to this.
1) lay around == use less energy, more glucose is unused thus bg's go 
2) active == use more energy, need more insulin to metabolize 
glucose, otherwise it drives up bg's

The second is counterintuitive, but reasonable
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