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Re: [IP] Halloween candy


I agree with your humble opinion.  As someone who's had diabetes since the
age of 3, my parents never ever hid sweets from me and I am very grateful
for that.  It sure has helped living in the real world when one is working
and there is candy and junk food all around.  In addition, a friend of mine
when I was a kid who was also diabetic, her parents hid everything.  I will
never forget that every time I went to her place she spent so much time
looking for the sweets.

Just my humble opinion based on my own experiences.

> I really have to disagree with this statement.  If you have diabetes, it
> is a fact of life that non-diabetic folk are going to be able to indulge
> in certain types of food in greater quantity and more often.  You would
> be doing a disservice to a child if you make him/her think that other
> people are going to eat the same way as him/her. People in the real
> world are not going to sneak around to eat.  There are many things that
> make people different from one another and this is just another
> example.  While I think it is at the discretion of a parent of any
> child, diabetic or non-diabetic how much candy is allowed and of course
> kids that are pumping can indulge, there still will be a difference in
> amount consumed.

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