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[IP] Halloween candy

<If you like candy, indulge behind his back so he
doesn't feel he is missing something.>

I really have to disagree with this statement.  If you have diabetes, it
is a fact of life that non-diabetic folk are going to be able to indulge
in certain types of food in greater quantity and more often.  You would
be doing a disservice to a child if you make him/her think that other
people are going to eat the same way as him/her. People in the real
world are not going to sneak around to eat.  There are many things that
make people different from one another and this is just another
example.  While I think it is at the discretion of a parent of any
child, diabetic or non-diabetic how much candy is allowed and of course
kids that are pumping can indulge, there still will be a difference in
amount consumed.

Just my humble opinion,

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