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Just looked it up in Mosby's Diagnostic & Laboratory Test Reference.
I am replying with the basic information. If you want the complete 
description I can send privately. It is long!
    The capacity of the pancreatic beta cells to secrete insulin can be 
evaluated by directly measuring either insulin or C-Peptide levels. In most 
cases, direct measurement of insulin is more accurate. C-Peptide levels, 
however, more accurately reflect islet cell function in the following 
     Patients who are treated with insulin & have anti-insulin antibodies.
    The diabetic patient is in remission & may not need exogenous insulin.  
    C-peptide can be used to diagnose "insulin resistance" syndrome.
    Abnormal findings: 
    Increased levels: Insulinoma, Renal failure Pancreas transplant
    Decreased levels: Factitious hypoglycemia, Radical pancreatectomy, 
Diabetes Mellitus   
    Normal findings  0.78-1.89ng/ml or 0.26-0.62 nmol/L (SI units)
        Hope this helps,
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