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Re: [IP] kids interpretations (parental fuming)

Duck And Barb wrote:
>We try to enjoy each day as
> it enfolds, forget about the yesterdays we can't change and not worry
> about things in the future that might not happen. (snip)    But, we will have to > handle them IF they come.....I
> refuse to say 'when'.  That is using our time constructively, not
> worrying it away.  Waiting for the ball to drop is too exhausting for me
> personally.

Seems to me you have EXACTLY the right attitude, because that's all ANY
of us can do!

It's NOT a foregone conclusion that a Type 1 will have complications.
Some do and some don't. I have several friends who've had Type 1 for
upwards of 30 years and have NO complications. 

So, you will handle them IF they come -- that's the correct conclusion.
And meanwhile do your best to prevent them. Knowing perfection is not
possible, and that ALL of us, diabetic or not, face the possibility of
catastrophe in our lives. So we do our best. Period. 

Keep up the good work! 

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