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Re: [IP] kids interpretations (parental fuming)

Poor Kevin and parents too!  People, in their well meaning ways, are
often suffering from 'foot in mouth' disease. They just don't

  It was maddening to see the stares from people when we used to get
'THE LOOK' when we gave Erica her snack during mass on Sunday mornings
(pre-pump).  You could almost hear the 'tut tut'.  The 'sighs' would
cause the hair on my neck to rise, and almost make me jump over the back
of the pew and stick her medic alert bracelet in their face. That
wouln't have gotten me anywhere, Erica would have wondered why I was so
upset,  so I would TRY to forgive them their ignorance....which wasn't
easy.  I think I swore more on Sundays than any other day of the week!!
Another lady, upon finding out recently that Erica was on the pump,
doing well,  and knew we were soooo happy, said "I know of a woman who
was on one of those things and she did REALLY bad"  My retort, with a
smile on my face was "Well I guess she was stupid". Perhaps not nice,
but I couldn't help myself!! What a sense of satisfaction for me to make
someone speechless for a change.  That woman's mouth hung open and was
still like that when I walked away.  People are more accustomed to me
being the 'peace-maker', and the 'sensible' one, that is why what I said
had so much impact.  It is like people at baby showers who insist on
telling the first time mom how TERRIBLE and PAINFUL their  labour was.
Or "Boy did I rip, I needed SO many stitches"  (For those expectant moms
who are reading this, YMMV, it is worth the trip)  Geez, the more I
think of it...the more I realize how downright sadistic some people can
be in their ignorance.  I have probably been guilty of it in the past
myself too, but NOT the baby shower one!

 My mom, who is almost 80, is always saying "she will have such a hard
life ahead of her" often followed by sniffs.  I have told her time and
time again, that we, as a family, deal with diabetes every day and can't
dwell on what might happen in the future.  We try to enjoy each day as
it enfolds, forget about the yesterdays we can't change and not worry
about things in the future that might not happen.   We need all our
energy for 3 AM readings and DAILY worrying<vbg>  I can't get her out of
the 'doomsday' tunnelvision she has about diabetes.  There are so many
things that she doesn't understand about diabetes, the changes,
improvements and hope for Erica's future.That is what we hold on to.
We are not stupid enough to think complications won't happen, that is
why we fought so agressively to put Erica on the pump.  That is why we
spend so much time monitoring her and looking for improvements in care,
reading about things that  might help her,  donating time and money to
diabetes research.  But, we will have to handle them IF they come.....I
refuse to say 'when'.  That is using our time constructively, not
worrying it away.  Waiting for the ball to drop is too exhausting for me

Tomorrow is our regular endo appt, and we will be looking forward to
receiving our A1c results which we know are so much better than we ever
thought we could achieve on needles.  It is like getting a report card,
and when you improve you want to show if off a bit :)  Regardless of
what it is, we know that we have done the best we could with the
circumstances that surround us, and know that Erica is benefitting from
our diligence.  We could do better, bring them down lower, but we too
are afraid of those middle of the night lows.  THAT is the scariest
thing for me as a parent.  What might happen tonight, not tomorrow, or
next week.  With more experience, and more scenarios to draw from, we
will do even better in time.  Little by little....

Bottom line (paragraph?) - Erica is a happier, healthier child, both
emotionally and physically, and so too is the whole family!  I wish I
had a card made up to pass out to the general public.  "If you have
something insightful & informative to say, please let me know.   I may
or may not agree with you, but at least I know it comes with experience
and I might learn something (so might you:-).  If you want to preach on
something you know nothing about, save it....I don't want to hear it. If
you want to know more about what we DO, I will spend hours with you,
happy to inform one more person, who might inform one more person, who
might inform one more person"....remember the shampoo commercial?

Well, got some things off my chest, now time for housework

Barb....Erica's proud mom

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