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[IP] Krispy Kreme and Gastro


Where in Phoenix do they have a Krispy Kreme?  (You do live in Phoenix

Guilty as charged!  (But I did also have help and persuasion from people on
this list.)

Sorry, to hear that the gastro got the better of you.  I don't have gastro,
but my friend does and it is the pits for her.  It probably doesn't help
that all that deep fried fat just sits there after like a lump in your
stomach (I can attest to this!).

I was there again this morning and bought four dozen (some to take to work).
Don't know how many will make it there with a family like mine.  I stood in
line for over an hour just to get them.  They say they will open two more in
Southern California by the end of the year.  I hope one is closer to me, but
I am not the junk food type so it will be a special treat to go there.


P.S.  To bring him out of shock, next time go in your PJ's without the
jumper!  (I take my daughter to school this way.  No shower. Still in my

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