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Re: [IP] Parenting

In a message dated 10/2/99 8:21:45 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I've been watching the halloween thread with some interest.  Diabetes 
 every parent is going to have different approaches to what kids should and
 should not eat. >>

Susan,  I want to thank you for the most intelligent post on this subject 
that I have read so far.  The idea that children who are not given sugar are 
going to be shoveling it into their mouths or that letting them have sugar is 
going to prevent depression in childhood is just too simplistic.  Parents are 
role models for their children.  Eating healthily or eating a gallon of ice 
cream in front of the TV every night will certainly affect the way our 
children look at food.  I have raised two non-diabetic boys without alot of 
sweets in the house.  In fact, I have not had candy in my house their entire 
lives.  I also only had fruit for desserts, never cake or pie, and rarely ice 
cream.  I know, you are thinking they have been deprived.  I did not forbid 
them from eating these foods.  They just were not available in our house.  We 
also did not have soft drinks at home.  They are 20 and 16 years now and I 
think they eat well and are not sugar addicts.  My teenager is big on 
Dr.Pepper and I don't forbid it.  Just don't bring it home.  My 20 year old 
is a vegetarian.  Neither one of them have ever really craved sweets that I 
know of.  They are both healthy and thin. 
Every parent looks at their child and decides what is best for their child.  
Some children might have to have that Halloween candy while for others, this 
is not that big a deal.  I certainly would not second guess any parent on 
their approach to this situation.  Every child is different and every family 
dynamic is different.  
I don't think that candy is evil, but I wouldn't buy it for myself or for 
them.  If they wanted to spend all their allowance on fast food and candy, I 
would not object.  I told them just don't bring it home.  
I believe I raised my boys well and I do not feel bad that they did not have 
sweets.  They do not care either.  I asked them and they said that they 
really just don't like sweets that much.  ellen  
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