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Re: [IP] Type 2 versus type 1

In a message dated 9/30/99 12:14:28 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< We all have our cross to bare and we must accept
 this and move on.  

...how being type 1 is so much easier because you can eat
 what you want.  I am sooooooooooo SICK and TIRED of reading and hearing that.
 It's not true for all of us. >>

Brilliant Post Fran and I thank you for it.  I too did not want to respond to 
the "Who has it worse?"  question because, well, I think this is a pointless 
assertion.  People deal with disease differently.  Some have a better mental 
attitude than others, some have an easier time adjusting, and some have a 
type of diabetes that is easier to manage.  I believe that every person with 
DM has a different disease.  I believe that my nearly 40 years of Type 1 DM 
and all that I have dealt with has been more difficult than my brother's Type 
2 DM for the last two years which he controls by diet only.  Now, call me 
crazy, but that's my opinion.  I am sure there are many Type 2s that are 
worse off than me, but I would rather have become DM in my 40s than at 9.  I 
know many Type 1s who had good drs and attempted good control, but still 
developed complications in their teens or twenties.  I feel very fortunate 
that I have not had many complications after so long a time.  I understand 
the anger at endos for not being more aggressive with DM in regard to Type 2 
tmt, but even good care for Type 1 was not very good just a few short years 
Much of our problems with DM is not only medical and mental, but  genetic.  
My opthamoligist cannot believe how I have had IDD this long and NOT have eye 
problems.  We are not statistics in a textbook.  We are individuals.  We are 
all doing the best we can with the information available.  I personally like 
the person I have become so I have no regrets, but I realize that this is a 
view in hindsight.

OK, I know this is long, but I also wanted to respond to your comment Fran 
about the inability to eat whatever you want.  I am the same way.  The 
invention of Humalog is great for many people, but has not changed my life 
that much.  I cannot eat what I want or cover sweets very well.  In fact, if 
I eat nothing, my bgs are wonderful.  Once I eat, I must exercise to keep my 
bgs from climbing too high.  I empathize with you Fran in regard to the food 
thing.  This is a very frustrating part of dealing with IDD after so many 
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