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[IP] kids interpretations

Kevin is 11... We had a week of highs, and now know it was mostly due to his 
site. Friday night we changed it and he went to normal and low very quickly. 
Friday night, we did a site change late...like 10pm because it didnt seem to 
be infusing right. I hate doing them that late...but had to in this case. 
Anyway, we checked him at midnight and he was 103, and still had about 1/3 of 
his insulin left to infuse from a late-night snack.  So we felt we should 
check again soon. LUCKY for us, we did...1/2 hour later he was 44! So we had 
to wake up a groggy, combative child and make him drink 2 juices. We turned 
off the pump and checked every hour for him to go back over 100 so we could 
turn it back on.....6am it finally happened! We were exhausted.

Kevin had soccer that Sat. morning and told one of his friends that he 
"almost died" the night before. That boy told his Mom- who just called me out 
of her "love for Kevin" and seemed shocked that Kevin truly believed this. 

WE never said to him that he "almost died"...but he knows how scarey it is, 
and how lucky we are to have caught it when we did....and bottom line is YES, 
he COULD have. I understand what the Mom meant, but she doesnt have a clue 
what he is going thru.  Yeah, he probably was looking for some 
attention...someone to notice what he goes thru and probably went about it 
the wrong way...but HOW RUDE of the Mom to call and say Kevin may need a 
little extra hug from us because of how he thinks! Gimme a break.

This Mom meant well, but I wish she had a clue as to how HARD it is for 
parents and the child going thru it. We dont dwell on the seriousness, most 
of the time we treat and go on...but in the middle of the night, I think we 
ALL wonder about the mortality of our kids and selves when this happens.

Sorry for the long vent.

Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since May
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