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Re: [IP] antibodies.

>Not ALL Type 1's show antibodies, even at diagnosis. I don't know why,
>but I do know it's a fact. Antibodies also do go away, so someone who
>has been Type 1 for a long time may not show any.
>The clinical presentation is most indicative of Type 1 in a youngster
>like you. If you presented in DKA, and if you were thin and/or losing
>weight, then there really isn't any doubt,

See, this is just the thing . . .i wasn't losing that much weight, only 10 
pounds in a whole year, then again I was pumping in the carbs toward the end 
there . . .no question that SOMETHING in there isn't working  :)  I had 
ketones but was not in DKA.  Now, they tell me this is because they caught 
it early, which I could believe, except that I had been having symptoms for 
a whole year.  so that's what made me think they might have gone away.  My 
antibody levels were .2 (VERY low) two months after diagnosis, 14 months 
after symptoms began.  --Gianna

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