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[IP] Weird Morning #s

Can anyone give me some insight on this?  I have my son on .9 basal from 2am 
to 6am, when it goes back to .8.  On school days when he gets up and tests 
around 6:30 am, his bgs are generally within the high-normal to high range.  
His lunch time (11am) numbers are almost always 100-120.  However, on 
weekends when he sleeps until 11am, his numbers are low - 53 this morning, 
usually in the 60-70s.  Why is he so low at 11 am on the weekends, but normal 
on weekdays?  Should I be adjusting his basals on weekends to be different 
from schooldays?  I don't like his high numbers on waking on schooldays, but 
I'm hesitate to up his dawn phenom basals due to this weird weekend thing.  
Help -I'm stumped!
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