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Re: [IP] Type 2 explnation

email @ redacted wrote:
> Type 2 is commonly hereditary, characterised by insulin resistance. 

Hi, Barb,

This is something I'm confused about. It seems that NOT all Type 2's are
insulin-resistant, and when I read the newest paper from the ADA about
classifying Types, it seemed pretty clear that Type 1 was ONLY
auto-immune, and everything else was thrown into the Type 2 basket. 

Am I mistaken? If an adult's new-onset DM is not proven to be
auto-immune, then even if he is not insulin-resistant, he's still
considered to be Type 2, so far as I can tell. 

In other words, Type 2 is still the catch-all for adults, and will still
result in a lot of confusion.

Has there been any progress on refining criteria for adults, that I just
don't know about?

(Until it gets clearer, I'm staying Type Weird!!!!)


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