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Re: [IP] antibodies.

gianna marzilli wrote:
> Hey all--does anyone have ANY idea why my antibody tests came back negative
> (twice) ???  ???  Do they go away or something?  I know I can't really do
> anything about it but I would be really interested in any reasons, as not a
> single doctor can give me one.  Thanks. --Gianna

Not ALL Type 1's show antibodies, even at diagnosis. I don't know why,
but I do know it's a fact. Antibodies also do go away, so someone who
has been Type 1 for a long time may not show any.  

The clinical presentation is most indicative of Type 1 in a youngster
like you. If you presented in DKA, and if you were thin and/or losing
weight, then there really isn't any doubt, unless you're black and have
a certain unusual form of diabetes that only occurs in blacks. (Used to
be called Atypical Diabetes, but I think they changed the name -- maybe
Idiopathic Diabetes) 

Type 2 does occur in teenagers, but they are usually minorities and
usually obese.

If I was a doc (I'm not; I'm a QUACK), I wouldn't bother with antibody
testing in children where the diagnosis was unmistakable; I'd only do it
when the diagnosis was in doubt, for example in slow-onset adults. And
the reason for doing it would be to determine whether they should go on
insulin -- oral drugs are great for insulin-resistant Type 2's, but for
slowly-evolving Type 1's they may be harmful, that is, they may
accelerate the loss of beta cells, which is something you DON'T want to

So anyway, I didn't answer your question, but it's an interesting topic!


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