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[IP] German Doctor treating neonates with diabetes

Jeanie wrote: "What's wrong with the Drs here in US.  Why not use this 
technology on our 
littlest diabetics?"

Not long ago I  forwarded Dr. Danne's email address to a mother of an ~8 
month old with diabetes so she could obtain more information re his protocol. 
(Dr. Danne had posted at the ped endo listserve briefly about his success 
with neonatal diabetes and transient diabetes in neonates and offered anyone 
to write to him re his protocol.)  While he is a proponent for neonates and 
babies using the pump, he wrote back to the mother telling her he feels the 
pump is far too dangerous for toddlers who are crawling around .

Fortunately, there are now pediatric endocrinologists in the U.S. who are 
starting to recognize how much easier it would be to treat toddlers on the 
pump and this mother may successfully get her 8 month old on the pump as she 
has connected with a mother of a toddler on the pump.  The rapid sharing of 
information from parent to parent and endo to endo is working.  The internet 
is speeding up the process :-)!!!!


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