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Re: [IP] peanut butter


If you want some really good natural peanut butter, try
this: get some fresh peanuts (salted or plain, your choice)
and run them through a food processor.  The food processor
will break the peanuts (or other nuts) down to a sticky
consistency because of the oil contained in the nuts. 
Don't know the carb count -- but it sure tastes good!!

--- gianna marzilli <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >Yes, but in addition some manufacturers ADD sugar to
> make it taste
> >better to the little varmits that like to eat the
> stuff....
> >The end result is that you can't use a standard
> measurement for PB
> >without first checking the label for the carb content.
> the weird thing is that my natural peanut butter says 6
> cho for 2 
> tablespoons, and so does the container of fake stuff with
> sugar in it.  
> Which I can't stand anymore since switching to natural,
> but oh well.  I'm 
> sure my little cousins will enjoy it.  --Gianna

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