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Re: [IP] Reply to Sam --How long did you ...were cleared use it?

At 09:44 PM 10/2/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
>Thanks for your thoughts.  I never gave that a thought that one would have to
>get use to the pump!!  I guess having one for almost 16 years makes you
>forget that I was ever terrified of the whole process of the pump.

For me, after doing things a particular way for 19 years, it was hard to 
break a lot of old habits and get used to a totally new way of life. That 
first day is scary for most of us. Especially when there are so many 
unknowns. You haven't settled what your basals should be, what your real 
carb/insulin ratios are and how to handle a lot of everyday situations. You 
test like crazy and you're still not sure about what's going to happen.

For some people, just being "attached" 7 days a week-24 hours a day, by 
itself, can be traumatic (a constant reminder of diabetes). For me, though, 
I find the pump a means to freedom, not a burden.


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