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Re: [IP] Diluting Humulog

When I first went on a pump in 1979 we had to dilute our insulin.  It had a
3CC syringe and read in 1U incriminates.  We had to dilute 100U of insulin
for every 200U of saline.  Now the pumps are program to do it for you.

You can use Bacterio Static Saline Solution to dilute the Humalog.  It is
obtainable in most pharmacies.  Remember that if you do dilute, to reset the
strength of you insulin in your pump, depending on how much you dilute your
insulin to.  A one to one ration will set you at U50.  Some have diluted to
a ratio of 60U or 40U.  Your pharmacist will tell you how to dilute to get
percentage you want.

An trick from an old pumper!
>> I met a fellow pumper today who is pumping only 0.1 per hour for her
>> basil and still believes the dosage to be too high.   I have read
>> about diluting Humulog and recommended that as a option but I cannot
>>remember what one uses to dilute the Humulog.
>> Anyone out there dilute their insulin?
>Couple of things,

>she can use a basal rate of 0.0 u/hr, it is not straight forward to
>set this, the manual does not tell how. You have to increment to a
>real number then back down to zero, then you can push ACT.

>Second, dilutent is hard to get, nobody carries it even though it
>exists. Sometimes the drug company will give it to you, sometimes
>you can convince a pharmacy to order it, but they make no $$ so
>are reluctant to do so. See the link on the LINKS page for details.


>in the Humalog section
>Diluent for Humalogr A solution to dilute Humalog to R50 or lower
>email @ redacted

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