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Re: [IP] Richard's eye changes

In a message dated 10/1/99 11:16:52 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Is anyone else going through the same thing.  Is what my doctor saying
 correct that 80-90% of all diabetics after 15 years will show signs of
 diabetic eyes changes. Also if you have had eye problems pre pump and
 then started the pump have your eyes improved.  I have no physical
 symptoms so I can't tell if my eyes are better or worse until I visit
 with my retinalogist (spelling???).
 Thanks for the input. >>

My spellings yucky too.  Anyway, my opthomologist said the same thing, 15 
years most all diabetics have eye changes. He didn't understand when he told 
me I had slight signs of retinopathy I started crying, because after all to 
him that was "normal" or "average".  But there not HIS eyes, are they. I've 
been pumping 3 years and had my first laser this May.  I was told of the 
"changes" two years ago.  Wish they would have done laser sooner like they 
did to you, but what do I know.  I have some spots (about 10) now that are 
permanent in my right eye.  Fuzzy spots that I can see if I close the good 
left eye.  One very good thing that has happened to me is the progression of 
kidney disease has stopped and even improved. I have also been taking 
Monopril for this for about 4 years.  I was told when I started the pump that 
if things kept progressing at the same pace I had about 5-6 years left before 
needing dialysis/transplant, etc.  Now, three years into pumping, my kidneys 
have even improved!   Also much improved is my neuropathy.  The pain in my 
feet is almost all gone and I no longer feel like I walk on pillows.

So yeah, I'm a big pump evangalist!!  So far I know three type 1s I convinced 
directly and who knows how many others indirectly.  We need to help out our 
fellow diabetics with all the info we can.  OK I'll get down off my soapbox 
now and do the dishes.

Best wishes,
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