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[IP] problems solved . .or gone for now

Hi all-- guess what?  My bgs are back to normal! I'm so thrilled. . . number 
one I feel better-no more cold.  number two, hormone levels must be settling 
down for now!  Back to my regular .4 basal and 1 to 10 carb ratio.  Last 
four bg check: 104 (before dinner), 130 (after dinner), 104 (during work), 
91(after work).  Happy me! At this point, not caring why, only happy to be 
in my normal range again! I have my first endo appointment since going on 
the pump on wednesday . . .and my first A1C which hopefully will not be too 
skewed by this past weeks awful numbers.  Thanks for your concern, everyone 
who posted!  Ruth and Geneva, good luck with your numbers and continuos 
night time basal wars! --Gianna, happily (again) pumping, 25 days.

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