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Re: [IP] more trick or treat stories

In a message dated 10/1/99 5:50:27 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I wanted to mention that the first time my son went trick or treating with 
 his pump (4 years ago), he went very LOW.  He RAN from house to house all 
 over the neighborhood (we're in south Florida so it's still hot here during 
 Halloween).  >>
How excited he must have been to be allowed to even have that bag.  Brings a 
extra large smile to my face just thinking about him.  I also had a bad low 
on Halloween, but from chasing my non-D, then 6 year old daughter.  Just the 
two of us out, left Dad home passing out candy.  I literally ran with her 
from house to house for two hours. She has ADHD and I don't let her have a 
lot of sugar either, so she was really excited by the whole thing.  Anyway, 
so when I was crashing I had to make her stop. She was mad.  Then, she 
wouldn't let me into the pillowcase full of candy.  She  wanted to look in 
there and decide which ones she'd let me have.  Lucky for me she doesn't like 
sweet tarts.

Happy Haunting,
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