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Re: [IP] pizza

>what do you mean by counting the carbs and PROTEIN?

	Ruth--when I went for training my nurse told me not to bolus for protein, 
and wait and see if I ended up needing to.  Well turns out that if I have 
more than a very small amount, it makes my bg rise 3-4 hours later.  It 
seems to be worse with pizza etc.  :(  I read somewhere that half of 
available protein converts to glucose eventually, so I count how many grams 
of protein in the pizza and square wave for half of it.  keep in mind that 
the amount of protein in meat can be misleading ---meat is about 75 percent 
water kind of like our bodies --only 25 percent of the weight of a pieve of 
meat is actually protein.  So a 4 ounce hamburger would only have 1 ounce of 
protein, or about 30 grams.

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