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Re: [IP] Ketostix

Ron Podchlebnik <email @ redacted>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 1999 17:27:37 -0700
asked about Ketostix :
>although my doc gave me a prescription they (insurance)
>won't cover it because it is an over-the-counter medicine.
Since Bayer product number 2640 , Ketostix foil-packed 20
in a box, sells for, depending where you find it, $6. to $11.
>how I can go around that?
Just buy the box and curse your insuror, especially if your
copay is $10 and if you could buy your Ketostix for $7.34
they'd stick you with it anyway.
More importantly, do they pay for your Bg testing supplies ?
These are also OTC items vis-a-vis "prescription not needed"
in order to purchase, even in most states standard insulins.
Humalog, apparently because it "is not natural" IS a
prescription "drug", so we can't "just go buy it" like we
always could buy anywhere without prior-arrangements the
classical insulins.
Most prescription coverages have you either
1) pay a fixed co-pay amount on each prescribed item, say
$3 to $10 typical ranges I've heard.
2) Get reimbursed for 80% of what you did pay for the things,
after you've paid upfront for the whole 100%.
Use the number 2640 to make sure you're getting Ketostix
in the foil-pack of 20, not the bottles of 50 or 100
which cost $7 to $17, so some systems think that is their
"more economical package".
Because they neglect the uselessness of deteriorated remainder
in package after you use some now, and then not again for
several weeks or months, while those exposed to moisture by
having had the package opened once become useless.
There is another competing product from Boehringer-Mannheim,
now known as Roche : Chemstrip-K , was 25-pkg I think.
Same problem though, of open-once exposes all remainder.
It was cheaper than the Miles-now-Bayer Ketostix;
Does anyone remember the Ketone-test tablets we used
back before bG testing when blue-fizzies were sugar test?
And do you believe or notice how THOSE are still sold!?

Aside, somebody else was complaining of insuror paying
neither Ketostix nor Glucagon.
If you're REALLY stuck by their not paying for it, you
can at least find a cheaper package-form for the Glucagon.
It is (hope its not "was" by now) sold in two single-use
(1-mg) packages. The larger 10-mg is for radiology labs.
The convenient now-common package with vial of powder
and syringe containing the diluent, Lilly MS8239 a.k.a.
NDC 0002-8239-01 is substantially more costly $33? than
Older, simpler package without a syringe, containing
two vials, one of powder, one of diluent, cost much less $18?.
Plus $2 or $3 for an envelope of 10 1-cc syringes so you
can keep 1 WITH the glucagon-kit as the "cheaper" way.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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