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[IP] English Translation German Laura 5 week old pumper

Subject: [IP] Re: Added thoughts for Holly
From: "Manuela Reischl" <email @ redacted>
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 20:22:39 +0100
Organization: Universitaet Regensburg
Gave us a reference about a 5 weeks old girl starting pumping
(I extended the citation to its # link)
I took that German language article to
to get this, which I have not edited very much of
English-language for American reading:
Die jüngste Pumpenträgerin (10.9.1999) =>
The youngest Pumpentraegerin (Pump Carrier, female) 10 Sep 1999
Laura came at the beginning of of July into Berlin into the world; five 
weeks after with their diabetes one determined.
And since in the middle of August is Laura from Spandau the
probably youngest Insulinpumpentraegerin of the world.
(DCW comment: traeger ~= carrier, -in = feminine)
Dr. Thomas Danne tells in the discussion with the
Diabetes Journal: " as Laura, got it was five weeks old
40°C fever. (DCW comment: 40C=104F)
The child lady doctor had committed Laura to a hospital.
There among other things a blood sugar value of approximately
1000 was determined mg/dl. " The small one was treated
immediately intravenously with insulin. "
after four days someone called from this hospital with us,
because they did not get the fluctuations into the grasp.
" Thereupon Laura was shifted into the
citizens of Berlin Charité
- into that department, in which Dr. Danne is an upper
What was made? In the citizens of Berlin Charité Laura was
adjusted immediately to insulin pump therapy. "
that folded outstanding ", says Danne:
In the Minimed pump insulin is Lispro (Humalog);

Laura gets a basal rate (2.5 insulin units per 24 hour) and
in each case after the meals a Bolus - depending on how high
the blood sugar is and how much she drank. "
one would select, would not have a subkutane insulin supply
one at least six times on day insulin to squirt with six meals
on day - the basal rate at all counted ",
(DCW: Without the CSII we would inject 6 times daily...)
says the upper physician.
The pump carries the girl at the Strampler, the
hose is so long that the child can sit in the bath tub
and the pump outside remains.

In the world literature fewer than 100 cases of diabetes are immediately 
well-known after the birth (" neonatalem diabetes ") according to Danne; 
Laura might not be the youngest pump
female patient, " me is anybody anyhow younger
in the international Kinderdiabetologie admits ".
In the last two years into the Charité four children with
neonatalem diabetes were treated: " with all the
subkutane insulin adjustment was only with difficulty possible. Internally I 
had said myself: We treat next time with pump. "
Parallel Danne and its team had planned anyway to force in the department 
the pump therapy with Diabetikern.
(DCW: ?)

Principal purpose with so small humans is it to avoid
Unterzuckerungen -
" one accepts for it little higher values ",
says Danne. Since then Laura the pump carries, it only
once had not unterzuckert; the lowest value was 56.
" is situated you also times over 300, but mg/dl we do not
have values over 400. "
With children, who do not carry neonatalen diabetes a
pump with, there are extreme fluctuations and more
frequently also values well over 500.

The usual Kanuelen is too long,
" for it has Laura simply too few bacon. We have thus a
special construction ", explain Danne;
(DCW: possibly he got the MiniMed micro-SofSet early for her?)
every three days it is changed from a child nurse of the
hospital service, with Laura at home.
Also the insulin is mixed particularly for Laura -
" because even U-40er-Insulin is much too concentrated
for the girl ".

By the way: Before approximately 30 years twin sisters in the
citizens of Berlin Charité (more transient) diabetes temporary
with " transient neonatalem diabetes" - were adjusted after
the birth: After one year it had disappeared and came back
at the age of 13. " the case was so unusual that us all the
name of the twins is still in the memory ", says Dr. Danne here.
The small Laura is the daughter of one of the two twins.

#that was the end
David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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