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Re: [IP] RE Touching base with reality

In a message dated 10/2/99 8:42:30 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Very often Type 2's have had it for years before a diagnosis is made. It 
 usually a complication, in addition to subtle symptoms, that gets one to an 
 MD for evaluation.
 It may have existed for 10 or more years before a diagnosis. Very insidious, 
 indeed. >>

I was talking to my opthalmologist last night at a function and he said he 
DXs about 10-12 DM-ers a year when they come in with vision problems related 
to DM -- and they didn't even know they had diabetes. How "wonderful" to be 
diagnosed after the complications are setting in. Why can't more docs screen 
for DM? Why can't they treat type 2 as seriously as they do type 1? I'm just 
glad I asked my (former) doc to test me -- although he didn't give me any 
information and it took me nine years to get to a place that educated me. And 
I don't especially like having DM, either.

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