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[IP] exercise and disconnecting

Hi all,  Marilyn again.  Further to my question:   I stopped subscribing to the mail list so just thought I'd add my personal email address if anyone has a response to my query re:  disconnecting from the pump during exercise.  My address is:  <email @ redacted>  I really  need some concrete guidelines for if and when and how to alter my basal and/or boluses for exercise.  Thx so much.
I'm checking in on the archives but it seems alot slower than being on the mail list.

My next Aikido class is tomorrow AM at 9:30.  Sure hope someone has some ideas for me.  Its been smooth sailing for the 1st two weeks on the pump.  But now that I'm adding exercise, I'm back on the roller coaster again.  Yuck!  [Does anyone else hate that orange flavored glucose gel stuff?    :  ^ c     Thx again for all your caring and support.
You've been a great help and inspiration to me!    : ^)  Bye for now.  Marilyn