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[IP] Type 2 explnation, was Re: hypo in non-diabetic

David writes:
 <<If a diabetic is insulin deficient but not because
of an autoimmune attack he is considered type 2 (if I read the definitions
correctly that is). I find this confusing. Am I understanding this

Type 2 is commonly hereditary, characterised by insulin resistance. There are 
20+ subsets, the most common being multiple metabolic syndrome (formerly 
known as Syndrome X), with initial hyperinsulinism, hyperglycemia, 
hypertension, hyperchloesterol, hypertriglycerides, and obesity. Many people 
with Type 2 have  exhausted pancreatic beta cells, over time. The treatment 
is focused on preserving beta cel function for as long as possible with meal 
plan, exercise, and medications added to control BG. Many Type 2's are on 
multiple medication regimens to gain BG control, including insulin.  

I hope this helps clarify your understanding.

Barbara B.
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