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Re: [IP] infusion site infection

   Keep up the hot compresses, but you can also dribble hydrogen peroxide 
from a cotton ball onto the area...helps to let the infection "bubble out". 
Melissa had 3 infections during her first year of pumping ( she's a staph 
carrier apparently)- the first one necessitated antibiotics because she 
ignored the pain until it was too far gone, the second one was less severe 
(can't recall if she did the antibiotics or not) and the 3rd one occured 
while I was chatting at Children with Diabetes with Judy, whose daughter 
Elissa has been pumping for 14 yrs & who also happens to be a nurse. She 
recommended the hydrogen peroxide treatment & the infection resolved without 
any further intervention. None in over 2 years now, since Melissa became more 
diligent about hygienic site changes, using Hibiclens. If however, the red 
area appears to be enlarging, don't wait until Monday a.m. to call the doctor 
since you may well need an antibiotic. Good luck!

Regards, Renee 
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