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[IP] Exercise and disconnecting

Hello everyone,  This is Marilyn again.  I had some questions in the last few weeks re:  martial arts training.  Thx to all who took the time to reply.  Your thoughts and experiences were a source of inspiration for me.   After considering all the input I received and the type of martial arts I do, I decided to try my first Aikido class unplugged.  I used some of the responses I got from you all  to convince my doctor and nurse team to support me in trying  to keep things balanced by just disconnecting during class.  So they agreed. However, my first attempt didn't work out so well.
Here's what happened:
Had my usual supper carbs at 4:20 pm and took my usual bolus for it.  Class started at 6pm and I disconnected just before it started.  My bg was 132 at 5:40.  At 6:40, I tested again and I'd gone to 83.  Thought I'd see if I could coast at this level but within another 10 minutes of ukemi I'd started to crash.  At 6:50 I was 60 and I treated it with 3 dextrose tabs.  When I checked in again, 5 minutes later, I was crashing at 52.  Yikes!  I treated with one of those yucky tubes of glucose jel (blech!) and ate 25 grams of carbs (1 fruit and 1 starch).  I stopped practising at this point and just watched the class cuz I felt so bad.
At 7:10 I checked in again to make sure I was rising and had only gone up to 74.  But by 7:20 I was up to 128.  Now comes the really bad part.  At 8:10 I jumped to 224 and worse than that, at 9:05 I sky rocketed up to 363!  Yikes, again!  I bolused to bring it back down (a little less than I normally would for my Insulin Sensitivity Factor.  By the morning things were back to normal.  Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed.

So here's my questions:  Should I have taken a lower bolus for dinner?  Should I have reduced my basal rate an hour or so before practise?  Is there another approach I haven't thought of?

Class tomorrow is at 9:30 am.  I usually eat breakfast before and we often go for
1 1/ 2 - 2 hours.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thx so much!  You are an awesome group of people!   Marilyn