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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemia in non diabetic, early sign of diabetes?

email @ redacted wrote:
> General question to non diabetic who has a child dx 8 mos ago with type 1 and
> has a brother with type 2, and has been having hypoglycemia
> episodes........would anyone have the test to see if predisposed?

Well, I'm not a non-diabetic, but my question to you would be, what
would such a test tell you, and what would you do if you found out you
were predisposed?

You do know that you have the genetics for DM in your family, at least
as far as your brother's Type 2 -- your child's DM COULD have come from
her father's side, so that's not as certain an indicator.

There ARE tests for susceptibility to Type 1 -- I believe the DPPT
trials are testing parents of Type 1's as well as siblings -- you might
investigate that. Otherwise, your doc can order an antibody test, if you
really need to know. I don't know what it costs. 

There are no tests that I know of indicating susceptibility to Type 2,
however, if you show a lot of risk factors, you doctor should be keeping
an eye on you anyway. You do know the risk factors, don't you?

At this time, there are NO treatments guaranteed to prevent either type
of diabetes, but there ARE things you can do to delay the onset of Type
2. They include getting regular exercise, and eating healthy, and
keeping your weight under control (if possible).  However, I feel that
those are things that EVERYONE should be doing, not just those at risk
of Type 2. 

But back to my original questions: if getting tested for antibodies
would put your mind at ease, it might be worth it, but would it freak
you if you found out you WERE positive and stood a good chance of
developing Type 1 over the next several years? What would you do
differently that you're not doing now?

Good luck! 

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