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Re: [IP] pizza

To everyone--an interesting thought on pizza that seems to work for me, 
still fine tuning but better success with this than other attempts:
I find that I need 3 different levels of insulin for pizza rather than just 
a dual wave bolus.  Fat seems to increase insulin resistence for me, so my 
normal carb ratios don't work.  What I do is, calculate the carbs AND 
protein, bolus 2/3 right away, then the other third over 3 hours.  After 
that, I set a temp basal higher than my usual one for the next 7 hours.  
After my first attempt at this, my bg started at 97, two hours after eating 
was 170, four hours after, 168, five hours after, 183, in the middle of the 
temp basal was 156, end of temp basal was 144.  Not perfect, but MUCH better 
than other pizza attempts, when I would be OK after 2 and four hours, but 
still over 250 in the morning.  --Gianna

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