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>I noticed that geneva, while on MDI,  would get high PRIOR to getting sick
>with a cold virus.  once she was showing symptoms,  she came back down

	Grrrrrrrrr . . .  >:(   This is soooo frustrating.  A warning--this is a 
gripe note!  After a weeks of absolutely perfect bg's (90s, 100's with no 
lows or highs, the past week has been awful.  I'm sure several of you have 
seen my previous post on unexplained high numbers so this is an update and a 
plea for suggestions!  My bg's were great, like I said, until last Saturday, 
when I tested late at night at 150.  no big deal.  Gave a correction and in 
the morning was exactly the same.  Annoying, but still no biggie.  however, 
every dose after that seemed to have NO EFFECT.  I changed sites and 
everything else several times over the next two days, only slight 
improvements after much correcting and a basal increase from .4 to .5  I'd 
have numbers that would slowly climb from 140 ish in the morning to 
sometimes over 200 by lunch, come down in the afternoon, rise to the 300's 
if I ate anything, and remain high no matter what all night.  All ketone 
checks were negative.  ???
	Also, it seems as if my insulin to carb ratio was cut be about 1/3   Having 
no idea what was going on, I spent forever with minimed only to conclude 
that my pump was fine.  then, lo and behold on Wednesday I got my period, 
which seemed to make sense . . .sigh of relief.  Yeah right!!  Since then I 
have raised basals to .7, then down to .6 yesterday and today.  Still not 
coming down as much as before after meals.  Of course, on Thursday what I 
did come down with was a raging cold . . .which is NOT helping.  Question:  
if you have more than one thing at once that would cause an insulin need 
increase, do you need insulin for the two things combined? And does it 
affect your carb ratios?  Seems to to both for me.  :(  I'm feeling better 
today and bg's have been at least more stable if not more normal --averaging 
at about 150-160, which is high for me, but at least I'm not having huge 
swings anymore.  --Gianna, hoping for improvement soon, and thanking you for 
your suggestions and putting up with my frustration in advance

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